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How Do I Know If I Need An Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are a modern luxury just about anybody and everybody can afford these days.
Going on a fishing trip with the guys? A blow-up air mattress can be the difference between a good nights rest and a sore achy back.
Camping with the scouts? Just because those youngsters have to rough it to get their merit badges doesn’t mean that you do. An air bed packed into an overnight bag and hiked into the wild can make a tent next to a campfire feel like a Marriott or Days inn.

Holidays around the corner and you have absolutely no idea where you and the wife will stuff all the in-laws inside your 2 bedroom house? 1 or 2 premium quality air mattresses can be the difference between you having some you’re rest at night or trying to nest on a floor of piled up blankets and pillows because grandma has your bed.
One of your boys home from college? Surprise, his roommate is a European and has nowhere to go for the thanksgiving weekend. Luckily that handy dandy high-quality air bed you purchased for camping is still in the garage.

When shopping for the right air bed, three main things come to mind for what to look for. First is the quality of craftsmanship. The stronger and sturdier the air bed is, the more likely a longer life and greater satisfaction will be received out of it.
Comfort is the next thing to consider when shopping for an Airbed. Many different air beds exist today on the market, so being picky is actually a good thing here. Find one that is able to hold it’s shaping while still supporting your weight yet still feels soft and good on your back.

Type is a very important thing to consider when shopping that perfect air mattress. There are raised profile air beds as well as low profile beds.
Size is another important thing to be considered. Most airbeds can be found in various sizes, kind of like regular beds. King is obviously the largest. Probably your best option if you plan on sleeping two people on a single air bed. Next size down is queen. Similar to a normal bed size. Finally, there is a twin size. Optimal for a single adult, child or teen.

I hope this little guide has helped you find the best air mattress for you. Some decent brand names are AeroBed, Coleman, and Intex. All three brand come highly recommended and have various reviews on online retailer stores. Finding an Air mattress for your budget couldn’t be easier.

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